about us

PRIDE, begins with Vision

Boyet Jr. High will become renowned in the city of Slidell

as a cornerstone of social, emotional, and academic development. 

We will define our PURPOSE together,

RESPECT all living things,

demonstrate INTEGRITY in our decision making,

embrace SELF-DISCIPLINE, and exhibit EMPATHY towards everyone.

Growing together in capacity and community

Purpose: defining it together, reflecting with our peers, accepting feedback as a tool for growth

Respect: each other, our students, the process, our environment, creating the world we want to live in

Integrity: accepting our faults, deciding right when no one is looking, choosing what is best for kids

Discipline: embracing self-discipline as a virtue, we must model what we expect from our students

Empathy: towards everyone because everyone deserves it, it costs us nothing, and we all need it in times when we are weak



Boyet Jr. High was built in 1964 and served Kindergarten through ninth grade. After several changes over the years, Boyet currently serves 7th and 8th graders.
June Boyet

Boyet Beliefs