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Breakfast Price

  • Reduced $0.30
  • Full Paid $0.75
  • Teacher $1.50

Lunch Price

  • Reduced $0.40
  • Full Paid $1.55
  • Teacher $3.25

Extra Items Prices

        • Entree $1
        • Sandwich $
        • Fruit Slush $1
        • Pizza $1.50 (Friday Only)
        • French Fries $0.75
        • Side $0.50

Information on ordering extra items can be found here.


All meals are to be paid in advance. There is no charging meals at the Junior High level. Please call 643-8533 with any questions.

*Notice to Parents: The general account will let your child eat meals and extras. The meal account will only let them eat meals. If your child would like to purchase extras please pre-pay for them. We will not continue to take money on the line for extras.*

Menus are subject to change